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Altitude Inspired Fitness and Culture Concept: First class $9.99 Second class FREE!

  • Ben
    Ben P. New York, NY “I have long been a studio fitness enthusiast. My work schedule has me traveling all over the country. This is by far my favorite format and concept out there. So much more than just a group fitness class.”
  • Ashley
    Ashley G. Dallas, TX “I have tried many of the HIIT workouts around Dallas. This is by far my favorite as it is a true low impact format and constantly keeps me engaged. I love that I don’t have to leave workouts worrying about stress fractures. Thanks PowderHeart!”
  • Jennifer
    Jennifer B. Dallas, TX “I'm no longer bored! 45 minutes on a bike was providing ZERO results. Now I am constantly flowing through PowderHeart’s circuits while working my entire body. This is a nice change and keeps me coming back.”
  • Campbell
    Campbell B. Oklahoma City, OK “I love the SkiErg machine! I recently recovered from hip and knee injuries from treadmill focused workouts with no attention from instructors. I now feel safe with the low impact format and dual instructors at PowderHeart.”
  • Brooke
    Brooke O. Dallas, TX “I love the altitude thematic of PowderHeart. It is a time of day where I can take myself out of my ordinary routine, be inspired and get a safe full-body workout. It’s the first of its kind and I can see why it was recommended to me.”
  • Erica
    Erica K. Dallas, TX “I am new to HIIT workouts and have always been quite timid to try a class. With PowderHeart’s Green, Blue and Black Method, I have now found a class where I feel comfortable and consistently improving my performance.”

Who are We


PowderHeart was founded by altitude fitness and culture fanatics, bringing an incredible workout and experience to the people.

Why PowderHeart

Time is Important

Time is one thing you cant take back. We value your time, carefully curating an environment and workout to accommodate all muscles and sensations. Our timed circuits will have you focused, never bored and leaving with a true sense of full mind and body accomplishment.

The Workout


  • 3 Custom Circuits

    (Downhill, Backcountry, Moguls) ranging from 4 to 6 min intervals covering a full body or tailored focus workout including, muscle lengthening, cardio, toning, strength, stability and balance. Our Green, Blue, Black method provide an accessibility to all fitness levels and retention results 4X higher than industry average.
  • Eye Candy

    Who doesn't love beautiful things, people and places? Within several of our studios you will see eclectic design and detail engaging our members at all touch points pre, during and post workout. The person next to you will probably look pretty good too :)
  • Variety

    Our muscles are similar to our brain. They know when they are becoming bored. PowderHeart offers a thoughtful and diverse 'LIIT' (Low Impact Interval Training) workout. Our Instructors format each circuit in a "Snackable" time-frame for you to stay constantly engaged and safe. Your days of injuries and boring 50 minute spin classes are over!
  • Après

    Taking the proper time and method to recover or 'Treat Yo Self' is just as important. Having a holistic experience at the intersection of health, fun and social connections are the three pillars we curate. Enjoy our Après Bar pre or post workout as we create a culture of like-minded connections.


Green, Blue, Black

We take a simple approach to our concept. A methodology founded on the principle of accessibility, inclusivity and results. Every PowderHeart athlete can set and achieve his or her personal thresholds and goals with our Green, Blue, Black method.



Coming April 2020! Après is a time after the grind! We are creating a culture of like minded individuals to connect pre and post workouts both inside and out of the studio. Our Après platform will cross many categories from Hospitality, Food & Beverage to Travel.

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Shred It


Our Story

How it all started

PowderHeart was engineered in Aspen, Colorado and created for the people. After spending Winter and Summer months in Aspen, the creator and founder of PowderHeart recognized significant change in his body and mind while training in the iconic resort town.


With a passion to bring these results and happiness to others, the founder quickly realized the need to democratize these workouts to those at sea level. Launching in Dallas, TX, PowderHeart is a tried, tested, low impact and safe workout, accessible to everyone. 



Its mission…Powder to the People!



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